Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Coatings: Stretching Performance

Advanced Building Restorations specializes in a variety of coating products and applications, including elastomeric coatings. These coatings are similar to paint, and just like paint, elastomeric coatings can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on to surfaces. The experienced and skilled team members at Advanced Building Restorations are application pros, which ensures you the job will be done right and always produce a top-quality finished product.

Elastomeric Coating Basics

Elastomeric coatings can be applied in varying degrees of thickness, depending on the specific application, but unlike paint, an elastomeric coating has the ability to stretch. This feature gives the coating product some very desirable qualities not found in other coating products.

Elastomeric Coating Uses

Some elastomeric coatings are able to reduce thermal transfer, and act as insulators. Other elastomeric coatings have soundproofing qualities or offer superior adhesion to ordinary paint. Many elastomeric coatings are able to prevent water penetration while still allowing moisture transfer, which is a difficult balance to achieve in many wooden structures.

Elastomeric coatings can seal small cracks and holes, improving the look of a sealed surface. Masonry, concrete and stucco are often sealed with elastomeric coatings because the flexible nature of the material provides an additional level of protection against cracking. For already damaged concrete and masonry, the sealing action of the elastomeric coating may prevent these cracks from worsening.Elastomeric Coatings and Energy

Some elastomeric coatings do a lot more than improve the look of a structure. On the surface of a roof, temperatures skyrocket during the day, adding to the heat load of a building. For some structures, the added heat makes cooling systems work harder and drives up the utility bill each month. For a manufacturing facility, the heat load can affect worker and machine performance.

Special elastomeric coatings on the roof of a structure can help reduce utility costs by reflecting a portion of the sun's rays, which reduces heating and keeps everyone inside much cooler.

Elastomeric Coating Service and Application

At Advanced Building Restorations, we have over two decades of experience with industrial and commercial painting applications. We are expert matchmakers when it comes to pairing up your needs with the highest quality paints and sealing products to suit your project.So contact us for a consultation today! Whether you have a commercial or an industrial project, the professional staff of Advanced Building Restorations are your experts of choice for all of your painting and coating needs. We invite you to check out our portfolio of past projects and review our list of many satisfied clients, then see for yourself why Advanced Building Restorations is much more than a mere painting company - we're true painting professionals.

Advanced Building Restoration's areas of specialization include: Tuckpointing, Facade Inspections, Waterproofing Systems, Brickworks, Caulking, Stone/Terra-Cotta Repair and Replacement, Concrete/Balcony Restoration, Lintel/Shelf Angle Replacement, Flashing Systems, Chemical Cleaning, and Dustless Grinding.

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