Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping from Advanced Building Restorations Painting and Coating

For Advanced Building Restorations, our take on parking lot striping is about a lot more than safety and traffic control. Sure, those things are important, but when we look at a parking lot, we also see a chance to help your facility make a great first impression.Whether you are managing

Whether you are managing a commercial facility or an industrial park, you know that the details matter. From the moment visitors enter your lot, they are taking in the level of care you have given to your facility. For many customers, the care you invest in the grounds indicates the care you will give to them.

Send your visitors a clear signal that you care with fresh, crisp parking lot striping for your parking spaces. At Advanced Building Restorations, we have over twenty four years experience in deck coatings and parking lot striping and an impressive list of many satisfied clients.

Parking Lot Striping The Anatomy of a Job Done Right

In painting and coatings, proper preparation is the defining characteristic of a job done right, especially for parking lot striping projects. The surface condition of the pavement or asphalt directly affects the adhesion of the markings. At Advanced Building Restorations, we take special care to clean and prepare the surface of your parking area so that the stripes and traffic control markings will have a long effective service life.

Once the surface is ready for paint, we apply the best solvent or water-based parking lot marking paints, using our years of experience as painting contractors to give you a finished parking lot that is an attractive addition to your property.

Parking lot striping has some special considerations. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires building owners to set aside a certain amount of parking lot space for handicapped-parking spots. These spaces must be marked according to ADA guidelines. As full service painting contractors, we are able to deliver ADA-compliant markings for your parking lot.

Discover Advanced Building Restorations Making a good first impression begins before your visitors step inside the building. Please contact us for an estimate for your next painting project and discover Advanced Building Restorations. Let our commitment to quality help your facility make the best impression.

Advanced Building Restoration's areas of specialization include: Tuckpointing, Facade Inspections, Waterproofing Systems, Brickworks, Caulking, Stone/Terra-Cotta Repair and Replacement, Concrete/Balcony Restoration, Lintel/Shelf Angle Replacement, Flashing Systems, Chemical Cleaning, and Dustless Grinding.

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