Steel Structural Coatings

Steel Structural Coatings

Steel Structural Coatings Contractor

Great steel structural coating contractors share a number of characteristics, but the two most important qualities are service and attitude, and at Advanced Building Restorations, we excel at both.

The service angle should come as no great surprise; after all, working with a contractor who can provide a good range of services is much easier than juggling an array of narrowly specialized sub-contractors.

Attitude on the other hand, while a desirable quality, may seem a little strange to be one of the top defining qualities you should look for in a steel structural coatings contractor. While attitude can be hard to pin down in words, what sets the pros at Advanced Building Restorations apart from our competitors is this mindset:Challenge is opportunity, not adversity.

Steel Structural Coating Services Experience pays off when hiring a steel structural coatings contractor. With more experience, a contractor is able to offer clients a wider range of services. That cuts down on specialty sub-contracting, and can help keep project costs down.

Here is a sampling of the services we can provide:

  • Epoxy and Elestomeric coating
  • Corrosion control coating
  • Tank lining and painting
  • Heavy equipment/machinery coatings
  • Blasting and Encapsulation

Steel Structural Coatings Projects

Good steel structural coating contractors aren't afraid to take on the hard projects or the assignments where other companies might fear to tread. A seasoned steel structural coatings contractor looks at these projects not as an obstacle, but as a chance to serve clients even better.

The easiest way to check a contracting company's attitude toward challenge and growth is to take a look at its project portfolio. Here is a selection of some of the steel structural coating projects that have enabled us to exceed our many clients' expectations

Advanced Building Restorations: Your Steel Structural Coating Experts

At Advanced Building Restorations, we have over two decades of experience with industrial and commercial painting applications. As steel structural coatings experts, we are capable of taking on virtually any project

  • Bridges
  • Machinery & Refineries

Contact the pros at Advanced Building Restorations for an estimate of your steel structural coatings projects, and discover how our professional service, industry knowledge, and our never-ending commitment to quality make us the outstanding steel structural coatings contractor of choice for your next project.

Call us today or view our portfolio of past projects and see for yourself what sets Advanced Building Restorations not just apart, but above the rest!

Advanced Building Restoration's areas of specialization include: Tuckpointing, Facade Inspections, Waterproofing Systems, Brickworks, Caulking, Stone/Terra-Cotta Repair and Replacement, Concrete/Balcony Restoration, Lintel/Shelf Angle Replacement, Flashing Systems, Chemical Cleaning, and Dustless Grinding.

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