Tuck Pointing

Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing entails removing loose or cracked mortar from brickwork or stone installations and replacing it with new mortar to ensure structural integrity and to seal out damaging water and moisture. Mortar for tuck pointing must be carefully selected to ensure that its color and texture of the new mortar closely matches the existing material that was not compromised and did not need to be removed.

Advanced Building Restorations understands that every building has different needs and every owner has different financial restraints. We are willing to show each owner a restoration plan with several options that they can choose from to best suit their budget. We also have the experience to find what caused the problem originally and to prevent it from occurring again. Some of our specialties include tuck pointing, terracotta repair, parapet walls and chimneys rebuilding, lintels and shelf angles replacement, masonry cleaning, concrete patching, stone replacement, caulking, welding, glass block windows and waterproofing.

These are examples of our recently completed or jobs in progres

Advanced Building Restoration's areas of specialization include: Tuckpointing, Facade Inspections, Waterproofing Systems, Brickworks, Caulking, Stone/Terra-Cotta Repair and Replacement, Concrete/Balcony Restoration, Lintel/Shelf Angle Replacement, Flashing Systems, Chemical Cleaning, and Dustless Grinding.

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